Eggs Benedict, That’s It


Today in LA I had a lovely brunch with my great friends. I’m an only child so I truly consider my friends my brothers and sisters. When I was younger I always wished that I had some sort of siblings to share the journey of childhood and adolescence. And sometimes shit got a bit lonely, but now I’ve grown into enjoying a balance of social interaction and peaceful time to myself. Though these past few days have opened my eyes to how much the world is opening up for us.

Maybe it’s just me, but my mood has been altered by being able to see the progress we’ve been making in real-time. Appreciating the moment is incredibly difficult when you’re trying to move and focus on the next task, but this morning I fucking lived in the moment with that meal. My friends were happy and I was enjoying one of the best Eggs Benedict I’ve had in almost three decades of life. All I’m really trying to say is slow down and appreciate the moment. None of this really matters at the end of the day other than making others happy and being your best self. Be well, I love you and peep the gas I’ve curated below.

Mykel Online – Angels

Mykel is a man amongst boys when it comes to how unique and developed his sound is. This time around it’s called “Angels” and this cut is a wonderful blend of a number of genres. Mykel pushes the limits of what you’d expect from a modern-day artist and you could never put him in a box. The higher register in his vocal approach paints a joyous feeling alongside the minimalistic instrumentation throughout the beat. This one is a smash, don’t miss it.

Bains. – Feel Awful

Bains was sent over by a good bro of mine and his smokey tone fills the air atop some lust-filled guitar plucks. You are greeted by a Baritone voice and layering of electric and acoustic all while Bains shows us the trials and tribulations of his life. The cadence and confidence that are carried through this one as quite impressive. “Feel Awful” is one of those cuts that is incredibly infectious despite the darker subject matter. Don’t sleep on Bains.

Fence Badcliffe – Beach Bum

Fence makes feel-good music to enjoy alongside great weather and it’s really as simple as that. The vacation soundtrack for your Summer might be a little different than the usual set of sounds that you’d expect from Chiefers. But there’s really something about how relaxing Badcliffe‘s music makes me feel. As I grow older I realize that music like this has a higher ceiling than the songs about Wokhardt and designer clothing that I’ve grown to love. Overall give Fence a chance, I guarantee it’ll improve your mood.

Starboi Gabe – Think I’m Satan

Gabe is one of those stars that the world just doesn’t know about yet. In his simplistic visuals for “Think I’m Satan” we see our protagonist stroll through the streets after linking with the gang. Gabe makes incredibly electric music but doesn’t force things or strain his vocals. The calm and collected approach will always win our attention, especially when you can feel the confidence bleed through the music. This is all leading up to the release of his new EP titled Wasted dropping May 23rd, so tap into the gas above.

Slumpbryce – Day + Nite

Slumpbryce came onto my radar a few months back, but once again he’s on our pages with his newest cut “Day + nite”. A meticulously laid-back style of rap, but you don’t need to be over the top with everything you do these days. You can hear the arrogance in the best way from Bryce even with his lackadaisical delivery. The pocket is clean-cut and ready to showcase what Slumpbryce has to offer, don’t miss the plane.

Isai Morales And IhateyouALX – idontbelongnanywhere

Two artists who need some more shine are right above this sentence. Though they don’t change the mission for anyone who doesn’t have their best interest at heart. Isai Morales and ihateyouALX share many similarities from a cultural standpoint as well as how they present their music. With the production provided by Devin Burgess, the lush landscape is painted gently by our two heroes. Isai starts things off with an introspective verse followed by a technicolor chorus. ALX rounds things out in a brilliant way showing and proving he’s never to be forgotten in the conversation. Overall this cut is definitely worth the time, peep the gas above.



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