Herb4K Pays Homage To Lil Uzi In New Track Titled “40 Min”


I’ve covered Herb4K before and now I’m back covering him again because I can tell you right now this kid is next up. The 17 year old St. Louis rapper is relatively early in his career but he’s been dropping straight hits these last few weeks and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to stop anytime soon. His songs “Global”, “Chrome Hearts Mask”, and “Lost” have consistently sound a way to sneak into each and every single one of my playlists. His newest track “40 Min” is a remix of Lil Uzi Vert‘s “20 Min”, and does an amazing job of paying homage to its predecessor.

I’m not usually one to mess with remixes, but this track is something special. The production from DynoxMusic is amazing, and does just enough to give a nod to the Uzi inspiration but strays far away from completely copying it. The introductory beat drop is breathtaking and will have you rocking out whenever you press play. Herb‘s voice is also a standout for me. He sounds so unique, and he’s able to utilize his voice in a way that generates a different type of sound. His vocals on the hook and the bars he spits on his verse merge together perfectly to create a track that I’ll definitely be bumping all summer long. Check out “40 Min” by Herb4K down below, and tap in with him to check out the rest of his discography because it is definitely worth the listen.


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