Eleanor Kingston’s New Song “ILikeGirls” Is A Stellar Summer Wave


At Chiefers were trying to extend the reach past the typical underground acts. But sometimes the music is just that great it’s impossible to deny. Eleanor Kingston has built a bit of momentum for herself and “ILikeGirls” is a great wave of energy to win your Summer.

With the traditional rap percussive elements set as the foundation and lush synths with just the right amount of distortion painting the sky, in one listen you’ll understand the hype. But to say the hype outweighs the talent would just be untrue. Kingston has a wondrously unique tone and her pen is something to have utter respect for as well.

Going against the grain and making the music you want to make will always be an admirable trait of the artists I respect, but doing that on top of writing hits, it’s almost unheard of. Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with Miss Kingston and this bop below.


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