Envy Ojay Makes Powerful Comeback With New Single and Video “ou”


Envy Ojay is arguably one of the most criminally slept-on artists in the underground right now. After quietly going on tour with Lancey Foux earlier this year, the 19-year-old phenom took a hiatus that had fans questioning whether or not they would get to hear more music from him any time soon. I mean, it’s really been a good five months since the kid has dropped off anything significant. However, throughout his hiatus Envy did remain consistent in blue-ballsing the entire industry for one song– a song called “ou.”

TikTok received the bulk of this tease for the past four months. After Envy posted the intro to the song in a triller-style TikTok video back in June, the traction was automatic– fans began engaging more than ever, screaming “WHERE IS THIS SONG???” From there, Envy gripped the clutch tighter, dropping more and more snippets of the song from different angles, only further fueling the fire he had started by complete accident.

Envy is smart. He knew he was in control; while the majority of the industry was sleeping on what he was doing, his new fans were like putty in his hands. With each new video, more excitement grew– for some fans in the comment sections, the cravings were almost unbearable. But Envy pressed on, dangling the carrot just out of reach from the horse’s mouth. Then began phase two– pseudo drops.

At this point, the narrative shifted from “should I drop this song?” to “okay, I’m dropping.” However, the question of “when” still remained. This is when fans with PTSD from waiting on Whole Lotta Red started to get antsy. Week after week, the drop was promised, yet nothing ever arrived. A diabolical tease to thousands of kids. Confusion, rage, aggression– these kids were like college nic addicts that misplaced their Juuls. The need for the song was incredibly real. After bringing his fans right to the cusp of giving up on ever hearing it, Envy Ojay finally gave in and dropped off the most anticipated single and visual of his career to date.

The song is an undeniable smash. From the moment you press play, you are sucked into the vortex of Envy Ojay‘s infectious energy that tosses you around like a ragdoll with no hope for escape. You feel it in the music, but you witness it in the video. An entire world built by the director and editor Sam Sherfey showcases the infectious energy of the song perfectly. With quick cuts and visual effects that drop your jaw to the floor, this song and video may just be the beginning of a massive come-up for this young artist. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the video, I urge you to click play below (it’s only 2 minutes). It will wake you right up.