The Rising V Vol 10: A New Era


Alright let’s face it, SoundCloud is boring. Not overall boring, but the last few months have been anything but exciting. It seems like nobody has been able to cultivate and push a new sound. Hopefully that changes soon, and I think the artists I’ve listed down below will play a big part in that change. The Rising V is back, time to tap in!


YhapoJJ is probably my favorite artist out right now. The Alabama rapper has found the perfect way to mesh his street sound with different beats and instrumentals and has created some of the most fire music I’ve ever heard. I can’t even explain how fire YhapoJJ is, you’ll just have to listen yourself. Tap in with his song “Kamikaze” down below


You might not have heard the name Exotix before, but you’ve definitely heard his music. The Atlanta rapper has one of the hottest songs out right now. His raspy voice and extremely sticky flow allow him to make songs that will have you singing out loud for hours on end. Tap in with his track “Ton1ght” down below.


Kwock is all about that business. I love how he flows so effortlessly on the beat, and his emphatic delivery makes him stand out. I love seeing young talent come out of Texas, so I’m definitely rooting for Kwock. Check out his track “G23” down below.


When I first heard Luvdes I was blown away. Her vocals are so mesmerizing they’ll put you in a trance. Coming out of Miami, she’s crafted a beautiful sound with some R&B influence but has still managed to stay in her own lane. Check out her track “Different” down below.


I got lots of love for Bryalle. I’ve said it time and time again, but if you’re a young artist putting on for the Houston underground, then I will always support you. His electric delivery and clever rhymes give him a leg up on his competition, and his track “next to u” is absolutely nuts. Tap in down below.


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