Everything Is Subjective


This current stage of music is arduous per usual, but such is life. There are so many trash ass drops that it’s morphed our minds into being accepting of the “experimentation.” I’m all for pushing the boundaries of music, but to be honest, a lot of these artists aren’t pushing anything but a carbon copy of their idle. Some songs sound lazy, some are poorly mixed and they continue to just ride the wave of what another artist has provided to the game. Below I have some examples of sounds that caught my ear for precise reasons. Everything is relative to your opinion and taste, but my ear is not like yours. Be blessed and don’t be a piece of shit this week.

Mynameisjmack – Brass Knuckles

Jmack is one of the hardest coming out of VA right now. Linking up with the good people at Genius to distribute this and his upcoming project, we hear this young man flourish right in front of us. With production from John Wehmeher, Drache, Brock, and Charlie P, these maestros of the underground joined forces for an infectious set of instrumented elements. Yes “Preroll/Bunker” with Tommy got a lot of our attention, but this one is serious gas too. Do yourself a favor and peep this one above.

Church-Hill – Casterated

Church is a popstar and “Casterated” is yet another batch of gas in the holster. His pen is poignant, his tone is so approachable and the music just feels great. I won’t be surprised if this young man blows up in the upcoming months because every single fucking drop is always that good. Tap into this heat above.

2-6 Biggz – $pirit Never $ober

This was sent to me by a homie and it reminds me of a Raider Klan ode but in an SGP type of way. Though the hosting aspect by Trapaholics is brilliant and takes us back to an era where this style was still a huge necessity to the game. 2-6 Biggz may give off a lackadaisical sound, but his style is calm and collected. “Bankroll” is a real stand out from the other eight cuts, but each of these waves is another side of his styling to showcase. You’ll find some gas on here to love, just trust us.

Diz – Fair Weather

Diz is one of those ones. His approach to music is vastly more than just behind the mic. He’s a Berklee student and probably smarter than the entire DC staff. Nonetheless, he linked up with our boy Jaxon or Modrnation to shoot these vivacious visuals. “Fair Weather” is getting some great looks and it’s only a matter of time before it’s really all the way up.

Gash The Reaper – Centuries

This is the second time Gash The Reaper has been on our pages in the past few months and his sound is developing with each drop. This production gives off Clams Casino-esque inspiration in my opinion, but with a bit more pep in the step. Gash drops off an intoxicated set of bars but is more focused on the feeling the words create as opposed to the wordplay. You can hear the potential in this one and if he refines the sound, it’s only a matter of time until he pops.


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