The Za Files Vol. 6 : Don’t Be An Idiot


People say I’m too mean with these titles and what I write about, but please pull up to the Westside of Cincinnati and pry this laptop from my grasp. I don’t think I’m mean, I just think people are selling dreams to those with no shot in Hell. I’d rather be honest with these readers and artists alike because that’s one of the last sacred things in our world. The truth will set you free, but it will also cause others to hate your opinion. The happy medium between being gentle with something you don’t like and expressing it in a considerate manner is a real talent. Not too sure if this will be picked up by myself or anyone around us, but I just want more people to think and act accordingly.

It’s the little things that make a difference and trust me I make dumb mistakes every week. Competition is abundant and people get their spots taken every single day. Pardon my rambling, but this is the real reason you’re here. Below I have compiled some of my favorite videos over the past few weeks. E The Profit, Fearofmakingout, SAIAH, Solo Jaxon, Baby Stone Gorillas, Tank God, Cove, Bear1boss, Reek, Madera TBH, Sage, Eastside Fish, Flex Cartel, and Roc Writah all went crazy with the frames. I’ll get out of your way here, but one last thing. Don’t be an idiot.

E The Profit – R.T.T.B.

Fearofmakingout Featuring SAIAH – b4ackup

Solo Jaxon – Good

Baby Stone Gorillas – Die Behind My Troopers

Tank God And Cove – Just In The Trenches

Bear1Boss – I Will (Prod. Firemane, Heroinesick & EJ)

Madera TBH – Burnt

Reek And Eastside Fish – Bounce

Roc Writah – Complaints And Complacency

Flex Kartel – Rap Now


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