Exclusive: Atlanta’s T-Hood Brings The Heat on “Thug Life”


Atlanta never slows down on the amount of fire rappers that are gracing the city, and T-Hood is no exception. Today, the man known for his one dread drops off a Daily Chiefers exclusive that is sure to knock through your speakers. “Thug Life” is a certified street banger as Hood delivers bars that paint a vivid image of his day-to-day, with a cadence and rhythm that will have you twisting the volume knob way past ten. The song starts out hot and is immediately high energy, before breaking down and running the beat back to make sure you feel the impact of the drop. Don’t miss out on this exclusive track and be sure to stay tuned for more from T-Hood and Chiefers exclusives. Give it a spin above on our new music discovery YouTube channel, Weekly Detox!


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