LA’s Tundra Convinces the Club’s to “Bring It Here”


Nothing warms my heart more than a song that promotes shaking a**. Its even better when delivered with cool visuals that make the energy of the song come to life. To top it all, we have a (soon to be) star performing the track with a fresh sense of enthusiasm. “Bring it here” by one of my new favorite acts, Tundra, is out now and we’re receiving it with open arms.

The LA based artist, Tundra, spent a lot of his early years on the East Coast in Atlanta. This could contribute to his fun-loving, club type energy that we see in “Bring It Here”. Thankfully, this isn’t Tundra putting up an act. I was lucky enough to spend some time with him in the studio and outside in LA. His energy is more than infectious when you’re in the room with him and don’t let me get started about his skills in the booth.

“I want you to feel good, its a vibe, its something for the ladies”

Tundra contributed his share of good vibes for the week in “Bring It Here”. Do your part and send it to a friend, maybe make a TikTok when you’re bored, or just DM Tundra and tell him how you feel about the song. Be sure to give us a follow and check us out Daily for your new favorite music.



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