Roadrunner TB Pairs With Roadrunner Savy & Dee Rogers For The Gutter Cut “Bond Money”


This is that good street rap from the Eastside of Cincinnati and I’m not talking about Anderson Township. The Roadrunner‘s provide a real look as to how they take risks but play the game smart. And when all else fails, the bread will appear to save the day. Dee Rogers’ voice bellows atop this production from Mike Mixer and provides a different vocal register to showcase the variety.

The dynamic duo that is TB and Savy has not even hit its full potential and the energy these two have provided to the city is unmatched. There are a few names that float throughout the regional rafters, but The Roadrunners are at the forefront. With both of these gentlemen being so young, but ahead of their peers’ talent level, it’s only a matter of time until something really sticks.

I have a strange feeling that there is plenty more work in the stash and this is only the beginning of the flood. Until the next set of waves, peep the gas below.


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