Exclusive: Hooligan Chase Speaks on “Bodyache,” His Inspiration, and More w/ Daily Chiefers


Hooligan Chase is a notably dynamic artist from North Carolina who just dropped a brand new project, Bodyache. The nine-track album (with no features) is a clear representation of Hooligan Chase. As if this collection of bangers isn’t impressive enough, the whole project was produced, mixed, and mastered by Chase himself. Hooligan Chase is no stranger to the Chiefers page, and after this crazy drop we figured it was about time we gave his fans a deeper look at his story.

DailyChiefers: Congrats on the album bro, the whole Chiefers team was really fucking with it.

Hooligan Chase: Hell yeah, bruh. Appreciate that.

DailyChiefers: So you produced all of the tracks for Bodyache yourself? What software do you use to produce?

Hooligan Chase: That’s the way to do it, you know? Way easier than buying beats and shit. And FL studio my guy. Been using that since 2014.

DailyChiefers: Was that when you started to produce? Were you recording back then too?

Hooligan Chase: Yeah that’s when I started to produce, but I wasn’t recording back then- I was in like 9th grade at the time. I didn’t start recording until after high school.

DailyChiefers: Who would you say are your biggest creative influences?

Hooligan Chase: Ah, man. Anytime anybody asks me this I have a hard time answering because I listen to so much music. From a rap standpoint, probably Lil Wayne and Curren$y. But for music in general, I’m really inspired by Jim Morrison from the Doors.

DailyChiefers: That’s fire, was not expecting Jim Morrison.

Hooligan Chase: Yeah he was crazy with songwriting, and that’s definitely important to me. I always be taking my time writing songs.

DailyChiefers: Would you say you’re a big fan of Rock music?

Hooligan Chase: Oh, definitely bro. I probably listen to Rock more than I do to Rap.

DailyChiefers: You have any other special Rock influences besides Jim Morrison?

Hooligan Chase: You know Jim Croce? It’s less rock, more like old country. Definitely him. I just love music, man. I’m inspired by anything that sounds good.

DailyChiefers: These influences are super interesting, and I’d say it definitely translates to your music. You’ve got a great ability to keep your audience engaged an moving.

Hooligan Chase: Like you said, people love to move to music, but at the same time, people love to think about music too, you know?

DailyChiefers: That’s a fact. You definitely keep me thinking when I’m listening to your music.

So when did you realize that you wanted to turn this into a career?

Hooligan Chase: Probably back in 2014, ever since I started making beats. It was like the only thing I was good at.

DailyChiefers: Did you think at the time you were gonna be a professional producer? Or did you have a vision for you becoming a recording artist eventually?

Hooligan Chase: Actually, I thought I was just gonna be a producer. But I started rapping when I was getting bored with what was being released at the time. People weren’t releasing the shit I wanted to listen to, so I said fuck it- I’m just gonna make it myself.

DailyChiefers: I love that.

So in regards to ‘Bodyache’, how long did it take you to finish the project?

Hooligan Chase: I’d say a few months, which seemed like forever. It was from May to August, I was looking for samples, mixing and mastering and shit. Just making sure everything was perfect?

DailyChiefers: Damn, I did not know that you mixed and mastered your own music.

Hooligan Chase: Yeah, I record myself and everything.

DailyChiefers: Wow, so you were doing this from North Carolina?

Hooligan Chase: Yeah bro, I was doing all of it right out of my room

DailyChiefers: That’s pretty impressive. The whole project sounds very professional, having all these abilities to perfect your sound is almost like a superpower in this day and age in music.

How’d you pick the name Hooligan Chase?

Hooligan Chase: Well me and my friends used to just smoke weed in the woods and do stupid shit, that’s probably what led me to the name.

DailyChiefers: I think the name “Hooligan Chase” is perfect for the music you make.

Hooligan Chase: Yeah man, when I thought of it, I instantly knew it was the one. I feel like it represented me well, it was easy.

DailyChiefers: Hell yeah. So do you have any personal favorites from Bodyache?

Hooligan Chase: Ah man, that’s a tough one. All of the tracks hold a special place to me, but the beat for “Fat Tongue Dunks” was one of the craziest samples I’ve ever found.

DailyChiefers: Yeah dude, that sample goes hard. I think you’re right though, all of them are tight in different ways.

With your beats, do you ever see yourself producing for any other artists?

Hooligan Chase: I mean I’m down to, but really I’m just focused on my own shit. Still,  it’d be dope to produce for some other artists.

DailyChiefers: How about outside of production? Do you see yourself collaborating with any other artists?

Hooligan Chase: I don’t really have a set artist that I really wanna work with, honestly. I guess it would just come to me whenever the time’s right.

DailyChiefers: So you just wanna let it happen naturally?

Hooligan Chase: Yeah, I don’t wanna force anything. I don’t wanna be that guys who’s hitting people up randomly begging them to work with me.

DailyChiefers: I have to say, in learning more about the role you keep for your own music, it’s so cool to see how self sufficient you are for your career. It takes pretty much every other variable out of the equation for you, and really sets the stage for longevity in music.

Hooligan Chase: For sure bro.

DailyChiefers: You have any shows coming up?

Hooligan Chase: I don’t right now, I’m mainly focused on just getting some visuals together for the project.

DailyChiefers: You have any idea what tracks you’re looking to drop visuals for first?

Hooligan Chase: I really wanna do a visual for “Bubba” for sure. Trying to get that done asap.

DailyChiefers: Hell yeah, can’t wait for that.

With you currently living in North Carolina, you have any plans to move to a bigger city eventually?

Hooligan Chase: That’s honestly a really good question, I could move anywhere but I’m really not sure where I’d go.

DailyChiefers: Do you think you’re current location has a big influence on the music you’re making?

Hooligan Chase: I think it does, man. Carolina is mad country, there’s hella open land. It’s inspiring for sure.

DailyChiefers: That’s dope, I feel like that definitely helps in making your music as unique as it is.

Well, dude thanks again for taking the time to talk. You’re one of my favorite up-and-comers at the moment. Looking forward to seeing more from you in 2019.

Hooligan Chase: Of course, man. Good looking out.



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