One Week Later: Chicago’s Solo Sam Stimulates Our Auditory Appetites With His New EP “Plated”


It’s 2019, new music is dropping while I’m typing and three more rappers just dropped by the end of this sentence. If you’re a logical thinking artist you’re sitting back wondering how to break away from the pack to find the light. Chicago’s Solo Sam does exactly this with his new wondrous EP entitled simply, Plated.

Before we even dive into the music, this man curated a cookbook to be paired with his own coffee drink. People think they have ambitious marketing schemes, but this is one of the most creative releases in a minute. Especially to do this as an independent artist, it’s going to build a stellar relationship with your fans because they see the sheer effort you’re putting into the end product.

I first stumbled onto Sam’s music a few month’s ago and was definitely impressed with the sound. Though it didn’t stick in my head the way this collection of waves has. Throughout these six cuts, Solo Sam destroys things from both sides of the boards. His production is very based on samples, but the chops are precise and not over-thought. To start things off with “Money Look Like” as the intro is setting the tone for the rest of the project. The true students of music understand how a sample or even chord progression can give you goosebumps. The feeling of being invincible comes right after the kicks join the chops in marvelous unison. You can hear the hunger in Sam’s voice, he’s not here to waste time, so you better no waste his time.

“Two Three” is a reversed sample chopped into pure gold when the bounce all comes together. Sam’s flow gives a feeling of hope met by ambitious rhymes atop the ambiance. This is definitely leaning toward the more classic side of Hip-Hop but doesn’t even come close to that cringy, corniness that most backpack rappers carry.

“Take From Me” is yet another energetic track to make your vertebrae jump. I’m usually very bored by traditional rap because of the simple fact that it has been done time after time. In today’s climate, you have to not only stand out with each release but continuously intrigue the listeners and industry alike. I think there is a unique situation for each fan base, but if an artist can crack the code like this, the future will hold great things.

“Smoke Break” is a more relaxed take obviously but this is the melodic, intoxicated side of Solo Sam. “Chillin” reves things back up a bit, and continues to blend the infectious energy with his laid-back baritone bellows. With this sixth and final cut called “Simple”, Sam unleashes his most arrogant of verses yet. He wants to leave us on a strong note that makes sure we don’t forget he’ll be back with more gas very soon.

I see a bright future for Solo Sam, not just because Chicago breeds talent, but because he doesn’t sound like the usual Chicago rapper. Maintaining identity is one of the most important attributes for an artist to possess, Sam has that plus raw talent. Do yourself a favor, and delve into the EP Plated. Shout to Solo Sam and the Chiefers with be back with more gas soon.

All images shot by @andreasendregaard


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