Exclusive Interview: Bhristo talks “Y Not?”, His Influences, and Getting Into Producing


Combining aspects of production from Glo Gang, Clams Casino, and his own flair, Bhristo has become one of the premier producers in the underground. Known for his rich, spacey soundscapes, “Bhristo talk to ‘em slime” can be heard on songs like Lucki’s breakout “Y Not?” as well as a slew of other Lucki, Kankan, and Summrs tracks, among many others.

The LA native grew up skateboarding and playing baseball but got into producing after hearing the ensemble track “Champions” which features a bunch of A-listers including Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Travis, and Yo Gotti.

“For some reason, I heard that song in my friend’s dad’s car and it made me wanna start producing. I don’t know why, it’s so random like I don’t even listen to that song anymore,” the young talent explained in our interview.

Around that time, Bhristo also began discovering trap pioneers like 808 Mafia, Southside, Metro Boomin, Zaytoven as well as Plugg extraordinaire Mexiko Dro

“What drew me to all of them was a certain energy in the beats, even if it was melodic…you could tell it had some umph behind it. Even if it was a soulful beat there was some anger or rawness in the beats,” Bhristo explained.

When it came time to start taking music seriously, Bhristo recognized his passion for making beats, despite admitting that many of his first beats were garbage. However, things began to pick up for him when he began producing for a high school friend.

“I didn’t even know how you could get beats with [bigger artists] but I had a friend with a little bit of buzz on Soundcloud but we had this one song that hit like 20k and I thought that was crazy at the time,” he stated.

The young producer began releasing Summrs type beats on Youtube in 2019 and started connecting with increasingly bigger producers which led to him to make a song with an artist in the D1 collective. This group was the precursor to Slayworld and was made up of Kankan, Yeat, Summrs, and other emerging underground talent.

That song led to him getting his first real placement with Kankan which quickly snowballed into him working on tracks like Destroy Lonely’s “hldmyhnd”, and several cuts for Yeat, Dom Corleo, Goonie, Slump6s, and many others.

Fast forward to June of 2022 which was one of Bhristo’s most explosive months yet. He had four songs on Summrs Fallen Raven project (including “Vail, CO” which is a personal favorite) and “Y Not?” among other tracks.

The chemistry between Lucki and Bhristo was nearly instant. Bhristo was cooking up at a Kankan session which was booked in a studio a floor below Lucki’s.

“I didn’t know Lucki was gonna be there so I was there. A little bit after, Lucki came in to say what’s up to everybody. He comes to dap me up and I introduce myself and he was like “oh wow you’re Bhristo, come to my room right now”. And I was like what you know me?”

Bhristo went down to Lucki’s studio and chopped it up with him for over an hour before Lucki asked him to play some beats for him. He ended up recording on five beats, including the one for “Y Not?” and the rest was history. 

Make sure to stay tuned for more from Bhristo and check out Lucki’s new project Flawless Like Me belowIt features “Made My Day”, “Geeked N Blessed”, “My Way/Codeine Cowboy” and a bunch of other tracks produced by Bhristo.