Insufferable Sally


The world is dark a lot of times. People are insufferable and they don’t know how to conduct themselves when seeing or dealing with trauma. Every few months a rapper gets shot and the world thinks it’s okay to rush to the internet to share lifeless bodies on the floor. These are people who we adored and to see them in their last moments on this earth is not meant for our eyes. People think life is a game, they link life is a joke. And then one day that loved one is gone and you never get to see them again. Harsh reality but taking life from others is not any mortal man’s job. Be safe, be mindful of what you say and understand that life is real.


JIREH delivers his Quit Playing EP and this is yet another example as to why this man should be in the conversation. His delivery is precise, yet calm and calculated, but it also seems very effortless as well. With cuts like “Don’t Sleep”, “Easy” and “Quit Playing” all back to back we hear shades of talents that the world will grow to love. “Church” might be my personal favorite, but each of these five cuts will feed your fix. With features from sectiontoo, Rahj Raps, Kayo-O and Kipp Stone, there is an abundance of talent on here. Get hip to JIREH above.

Bazio Featuring Skizzy Mars – Criminals Remix

Bazio burst onto my radar after a bro of mine sent me “Mad”. But today we’re here to talk about his remix for “Criminals” featuring Skizzy Mars. The translucent cut shines in a variety of ways, but the catchiness is pretty much unavoidable. Bazio linking with Skizzy is brilliant because they each accent the other’s respective creativity. The tone is light, but the introspection delves deep. Definitely a tune to tap into, Bazio is really that good.

Tweak On The Beat – One & Only

Tweak On The Beat is an Ohio-based producer making quite the name for himself with this one. In just seven cuts, this guy managed to facilitate features from E The Profit, Kipp Stone, Ezri, YFL Kelvin, Yayo Da Cartune, Paris Bryant, and Moss. Each song acts as a pristine backdrop for each of these artists to shine brightly from A to Z. A few standouts include “Ice”, “Circumstances” and “Mud” but no song lags behind the other. Tweak will be around for a minute so you better get used to this maestro behind the boards.

Danny Schiller – Hasta La Dorada

This is Danny‘s first time on our pages, but I’m sure this won’t be the last. This is a different mood from what we usually post, but at a point, Chiefers is just about posting great music. Hasta La Dorada melds Rock, R&B and Pop all throughout these eight cuts. “White Water” gives me chills with its wondrous soft approach. “By The End Of September” has some hit potential as well, but the songwriting on here is stellar. Do yourself a favor and get well acquainted to Danny Schiller.

Rileylol – Bad Intentions

Rileylol makes great music, he just needs to find a fanbase. This hyperpop realm is up for grabs but it truly seems like a lot of these artists leave it all on the playing field. “Bad Intentions” bleeds emotion with pitch correction and plenty of glitch-based bliss. It almost blends the world of PlugnB-based melodies and some pop inspiration, but regardless this is a wave to remember, get hip.

Cobejordan – Rhinestones

We have another newcomer to the Chiefers pages with Cobejordan and his cut “Rhinestones”. This cut is energetic and simplistic enough to keep the ear interested. Cobe is having fun with his off-kilter approach to music. Varietals of registers and tones make for a wild ride, but smooth and soothing in the same light. Shout to Cobejordan, keep going.

Slayla The Purpose – Rumpelstilskin

Atlanta has such a diverse grouping of musical talents and now we have to add Slayla The Purpose to the list of artists to watch. The percussion drives the boat, but accents of lush keys and Slayla‘s voice fuse into something incredibly special. “Rumpelstiltskin” is unique, inspiring and a break from the monotony of modern music. Slayla can sing, don’t miss the songstresses’ efforts!


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