Jeleel Delivers “DELIVER!”


JELEEL YEAHHHH… If you aren’t hip to Jeleel by now you must be lethargic, low T, or just haven’t heard of “the internet.” The living action figure has been going viral again and again for his “real raw energy” delivering unforgettable stage performances stacked with countless backflips from high surfaces. Effortlessly tearing apart any article of clothing that even thinks of draping itself over his chest, Jeleel brings an overall level of rage that consistently has fans turning up like they’re watching Playboi Carti on steroids– literally (well, maybe, who knows. Dude is absolutely yolked, I can say that for sure). It’s a simple formula that you just can’t get away from; his presence is purely infectious.

After assembling the Avengers with production from Internet Money‘s own Census, Spaceman, Vendr, and Chance HubbardJeleel has finally returned with his newest Afro Rage anthem “DELIVER!;” a record that thoroughly leaves you “feeling GREAT.” I mean seriously– it’s impossible to listen to this song and feel angry or down, as is true of pretty much every Jeleel record. Bro’s just so positive. You can tell Jeelel fully leaned into testing the limits of his “real raw energy” on this one as he employs entirely fresh new flows and cadences that are indicative of the young artist’s evolution happening right before our eyes. The song is upbeat, exciting, and an overall smash. It’s the type of song that will quickly turn anyone who has yet to become a fan into a believer– Jeleel is him.

The teams over at 10K Projects and Bourne Creatives did not skimp out on giving this one the attention it deserves. With an equally as entertaining visual as the song is alone, Jeleel has delivered one of his greatest deliveries yet (it’s called “DELIVER!”). If you haven’t had a chance to listen, you can choose your favorite streaming service here or quickly access the official music video below. Jeleel is truly a force to be reckoned with in and out of the studio. Maybe one day he will quit doing backflips and finally go lead the league in sacks. I am beyond eager to see where this young superstar goes from here.


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