Exclusive Interview: How Aitch Maintains Humility And A Hunger To Improve After 5 Years Of Success


At the age of 22, UK rapper Aitch has been nominated for a BRIT award, received Best New Artist at the MOBO awards in 2020, has over 1 Billion combined global streams, and cosigns from major artists from across the globe.

If I had even half the accolades he’s earned, I’d be dripped out from head to toe in iced out jewelry, every designer brand imaginable, and I’d probably be a cocky little shit. However, that’s not Aitch. The New Moston, Manchester native showed up for our interview, via Zoom, rocking a jumpsuit from Drama, a UK streetwear brand that has sick clothes but is subtly flashy.

Sure, the logo is dope and the clothes are well made, but the brand’s acclaim is based on its authenticity and creativity. As stated on their website, they make “collections inspired by subject matters and offering an original perspective.”

“I don’t think I’m at the point yet where I can kick my feet up and say ‘I’m the shit’. Like don’t get it twisted I am the shit but at the same time, I gotta hold it down…I’m not at the finish line yet,” Aitch explained.

This mentality manifests itself in songs like “Baby”, which sits at #2 on the UK Official Singles Chart. The instrumental features shimmering, West Coast influenced production with a sample of Ashanti‘s “Rock With You” serving as the song’s backbone.

However, as much glitz and glamour as the production provides, Aitch‘s laid-back confidence steals the show.

The track serves as the lead single for his upcoming project which is set to drop in August. Aitch has already conquered the UK drill world and has offered a strong debut in the new age R&B world.

Instead of being content, his humility and hunger have allowed him to really tap into who he can be sonically without losing his core fanbase.

“This [album] came from the heart, I’ve really recorded in every place you can think of. I’ve recorded songs in Manchester, London, LA, Toronto, Dubai, everywhere…and yet it just comes from the heart,” Aitch stated.

Equipped with past collaborations spanning from Tay Keith to Ed Sheeran, this album is about showcasing his authentic self while showing his growth lyrically and artistically.

Check out “Baby” below and stay tuned for his upcoming project.


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