MESSIAH! Comes Back With New Project “PERFECT 7”


It’s rare to hear someone come out with an all-new sound nowadays, but MESSIAH! Has been breaking barriers with his sound from the jump, finding ways to innovate his music with every drop. The Charlotte native recently came out with the third album PERFECT 7. A seven-track project, perfectly curated with each track building off the last until it ultimately ends with one of my favorite tracks of the year “CLOUD WALKER / LOVE BACK”. The project also comes with an impressive feature from frequent MESSIAH! collaborator, Mavi, on the uplifting lead single “SO MUCH HATE”

The album takes listeners through an inspiring journey, with MESSIAH!’s enlightening lyricism and uptempo production. This man has been putting out consistent drops improving his sound with every release for years now, and I can’t wait to see how this project changes his career. Make sure to check out PERFECT 7 down below.


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