Exclusive: PineappleCITI Talks About Life, Inspirations and Much More


PineappleCITI is an artist from New Jersey who is currently signed to Red Bull. Back in 2018 we dropped “Making Movies Vol. 1” with Red Bull, and PineappleCiti made an appearance on “Came 2 Ball” with Burger Man and Lord Quest, and “Talk Like This” with K-So JaynesLunchbox, and Bixtel. This dynamic up-and-comer has been making a big push as of late, and as she garners more and more fans, her upcoming fame has become all the more imminent. Through thick and thin, PineappleCITI has made it clear that she’s meant for this path. With an impressive collection of music and videos to go along with it, we figured it was time to hear more from this soon-to-be star. We spoke with PineappleCITI about her past and bright future. Come take a deeper look at one of Jersey’s most promising Hip-Hop acts.

Daily Chiefers: On Instagram, you mentioned an accident that put you on a scooter for 2 years, what happened?

PineappleCITI: Yea so it’s a crazy story. I used to do this thing where I would rap in front of random places. I went to this spot called grounds for sculpture, an outdoor sculpture museum in Jersey. There was this weird-ass witch pot. So my dumbass is like I’m going to rap in front of that. My friends are like “I don’t think that’s a good idea, this shit looks creepy”. I’m thinking nothing of it so I do it. After I was on my way home, and my friend calls me asking for motivation and advice. She had just broken her foot a week before that. I get off the phone with her and keep driving. I was on a narrow road and a deer popped out. I tried to avoid hitting it, and my car hydroplaned, hitting a tree. My foot was all the way down on the brake, so when the car hit the tree, my foot snapped. I had this feeling that God was talking to me like I could hear him clear as day. I keep hearing “take off your watch” in my head. So I take off my watch and put it in the passenger seat. When I’m putting in the seat the airbag slides past my face. I kept wanting to check the video I made in front of the witch pot. So when I open that video up and it the fucking witch pot is a right bloody foot bro. 

DC:  Wow. Stories like that where the details all line up are just wild. Well, I’m happy you’re ok.   

PineappleCITI: Yea, I didn’t know if my foot was ever going to be the same. The doctors didn’t know why it wasn’t healing faster. But somehow two years later, I’m jumping on stage.

DC: I read your Billboard article and saw that a big jump in your career was when you starting working with Clinton Sparks. How’d you guys meet and what are you guys currently working on?

PineappleCITI: After I broke my foot I was still doing everything I possibly could to stay active with this shit. While I was in the hospital, I saw Kida the Great, Chris Brown’s dancer, won “So You Think You Can Dance”. I thought if I could get him to dance to one of my songs my shit would go viral. So I asked everyone in my family like “please give me $20, I just need to pay this dancer to dance to my shit”. So I do it. It starts going viral like instantly. I’m still on a knee scooter and labels are calling me but I was not fully in commission.  A label had flown me out to LA. I didn’t fuck with the vibe of it though. It felt like they wanted to sign anyone who was viral at the time. I can make viral music but I consider myself a real artist. I decided against them. While I was out there, a producer I met online a couple of weeks prior told me to meet up at the studio. It happened to be Clinton Sparks‘ studio. I’m seeing all these plaques on the wall and I’m like what the fuck. Clinton Sparks come out and just decides to help me like no contract he just believed in me. I flew back home and he helped me get the “Rose Colored” video done.  From there it was a match made in heaven and is a big reason I am where I am now.

DC: How have you liked working with Red Bull so far?

PineappleCITI: Red Bull is a great place to be because there’s so much room to grow and they believe in everything that I am doing. They really gave me a chance. A week after I signed with them, they asked me If I wanted to do a documentary with Kelly Roland and write some songs for her album. You see what I’m saying. Its really a dream come true having this company back my career. Like its fucking Redbull bro. Two weeks ago they had me in the studio with Twista, and I’m writing rhymes for him. I’m like “what is life”. 

DC: Who are you’re biggest musical influences?

PineappleCITI: Queen Latifah, Whitney Houston, Lauren Hill, Wyclef, Naughty By Nature, Redman, Drake, J Cole, Kendrick, Jay Z, Erykah Badu. I’m an old soul so I’m into a lot of 90’s shit.  That’s why my music is so versatile. I kinda just bring all those influences into my music. And like Kayne West. Jesus is King is fucking amazing. I don’t know what people are talking about. That shit makes me feel like I don’t even know. You know what I’m saying… 

DC: Some of my favorite artists today take timeless elements from any generation of music and apply them to a contemporary style. I think you do an amazing job of doing just that… If you had to pick one track you dropped which one would be your favorite?  

PineappleCITI: I would say “I Need A Coupe”. Simply because I’m seeing “I Need A Coupe” come to life.   It was a manifestation song about everything I wanted to get. And I’m getting it. When I look back to when I wrote it I had nothing. It’s so cool seeing what I was able to attain by just saying my intentions. 

DC: The video speaks for itself. Whatever you just said to me, it’s almost like you were depicting the music video, and it speaks to how true it was for you. Its very original. I noticed in the comments of your video people were saying “Fat Boy brought me here”. I know Fat Boy is another New Jersey resident, so how did you come to meet him?

PineappleCITI: Fat Boy is a dude who’s always giving back to the community. I reached out to him saying I was from Jersey and trying to put him on the song. He told me he’d already been on my shit, and that he fucks with it. He’s helped me a bunch of times to promote my music. He’s definitely a Jersey pioneer and I’ll always show love to Fat Boy.

DC: Are there any areas or acts in Jersey you think should have more attention?

PineappleCITI: Mir Fontane, Mike Zombie, Fuzz Rico, Blaze the Rebel, Coi Leray, Benny Bates, and  Albee Al. 

DC: Those are all dope acts. So far, what do you think has been the pinnacle of your career? 

PineappleCITI: I think the car accident. It changed my mindset, and your mindset is the biggest thing. 

DC: Do you have any dream collabs?

PineappleCITI: Kayne West, J Cole, or Drake. I feel like if Kayne could produce for me like holy shit that would be incredible. J Cole on a verse, and Drake on some sing-along shit. That would be a dream right there.


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