Exclusive: We Went To One Of The Best Underground Festivals And Here’s What Happened


Last week I got the privilege of attending what I think was one of the best hip-hop shows I’ve been to in a long time, and I’m here to tell you all about it. BoxFest is an underground hip-hop festival that was founded less than a year ago by two brothers named Yahir and Gio. In the span of 11 months, the brothers have already put on 3 different BoxFest shows and show no signs of slowing down. This latest show included performances from SSGKobe, Autumn!, and a surprise headlining set from SoFaygo.

It all started Thursday when I got off the plane at LAX and got in my typical $50 Los Angeles lyft. First order of business was meeting up with Yahir. I had a few questions for him and wanted to see where his head was at amidst all the chaos of putting together an event as big as BoxFest.

Eren: “It’s good to finally meet you man, there’s alot of exciting stuff going on around us. Can you tell me a bit about what’s going on here and all the festivities tonight?”
Yahir: “Yo yo yo my name is BoxBoyYahir, you’re here tuning in at BoxFest 30 minutes before we open. We’re here to have fun and make history. It’s gonna be a great night”
Eren: “Do you have any words you wanna say to all of the kids that are here tonight and the kids that support you?”
Yahir: “I am a kid myself. I love the community and we’re all one for real. The BoxBoys community is strong, loving, and continues to grow every single day. To have a 1,300 person sold out show, have SoFaygo headline, and have everyone come out and support is a dream come true for real.”
Eren: “I know you have alot of stuff to attend to right now so I’m gonna let you go but I just want to know, what does the future look like for BoxFest?”
Yahir: “We’ve got more festivals on the way, more collabs, and more artists sharing the stage together. I’ve got alot more surprises up my sleeve, I don’t want to speak on it yet, but just be ready.”

After bugging Yahir for the next 10 minutes to have a BoxFest in Houston, I proceeded to the balcony to watch the show. Every artist on the lineup absolutely killed it, and the crowd was rocking out the entire time. Che brought out Rich Amiri as a special guest and they performed an unreleased banger together, BabySantana came out to do “Antisocial”, but my favorite part of the show had to be when Summrs dialed in on FaceTime and started performing hits off his latest project. Good music, good people, and good energy all in one night.

I’ve linked the official BoxFest recap down below just so you all can get a taste of the event. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for the next show, coming to a city near you!


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