The Rising V Vol 6: Flight After Flight


Another segment of The Rising V returns! The last 2 weeks have been hectic for me. I just got back from BoxFest in LA (stay tuned for some Chiefers content on that) and I’m literally about to take off to Turkey in two days. That’s the reasoning behind this week’s title “flight after flight”. All of these picks were made while I was in the friendly skies flying from Houston to LA or vice versa. I’m sure all of the next segment’s picks will be made while I’m in the air again. Not gonna lie music definitely sounds more fire on the plane I don’t know why. If you’re ever struggling to find new music just hop on a plane and get to searching, the destination doesn’t matter.


I actually met Ninexteen while I was in LA and his music impressed me so much that I had to tap in with him and make sure he was on this volume. Ninexteen brings the energy and he’s got some great bars. His tracks tend to be really catchy and will get stuck in your head. I also got to see him perform and I was blown away. Definitely an artist to tap in with. Check out “Prove It” down below.


D4vid is absolutely legendary. At only 17 years old he has a voice that sounds better than most established artists. His beat selection is dope, but its his voice that tends to cut through and shine on most of his tracks. Also he’s from Houston, man do I love my city. Check out “Never Again” down below, one of my favorite tracks by D4vid.


I’m a huge fan of Jayzu! and the way he utilizes his voice as an instrument throughout his music. The effects used on his vocals are always beautiful. He’s also great at making catchy hooks and his music is extremely soothing. Another young artist with a lot of potential in his future. Tap in with his track “Away!” down below


H4LFTIME is insane. High energy production, catchy hooks, great bars, and some dope versatility he’s basically got it all. I’ve had him on blast all week and for good reason. I’ve linked one of my favorite tracks by him “sex & drugs” down below. Definitely check it out it’s an absolute hit.


I promise you Ame is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. His high-pitched vocals and high energy bars are infectious and will have you going crazy whenever you blast his music. Production on his tracks are also always immaculate. Check out “Degree” down below, definitely one of my favorite tracks from him.


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