Femdot’s New EP “94 Camry Music” Is An Incredible Honest Opus For The World


If you’re not familiar with Femdot by now, it’s time to stretch out the corneas to see what talent you’ve been missing. I first stumbled upon this guy when my auto-play on YouTube changed over to the video for “Chi’s Interlude”. Since then the wave has only expanded and his catalog is a vast variety of cuts to partake in.

To begin 94 Camry Music we are taken through an intense exchange between potential lovers with their guards all the way up on “I’m Broke/Parked Car Conversations”. This is a very relatable conversation because we’re all just trying to figure out where we stand with those who we care about. Once the ball is rolling the task is deemed regular, but to find the real ones you can truly share your time with, might take a little while.

After that cut the title track is a more fun bounce to groove to. “94 Camry Music” is what Fem does best, walking the lines between conscious and care-free while the flows accent the vibrant bass boosts. His storytelling is top-tier, but it restores the feeling of music from a past era. To say that this is some “golden era” Hip-Hop puts it in a box and Femdot is much more than that.

With cuts like “Hot Lunch” speaking of his journey in Chicago, navigating the trials of being an adolescent and young adult, Fem exudes a pure confidence, while avoiding arrogance. It also gives the listener a chance to connect with his story and find some parallels in their own lives.

Smino is the only feature on the aptly named “Rap City” where both of these guys absolutely bar out over some infectious percussive efforts. Fem’s precise cadence not only shakes our core, but impresses with his distinct annunciation. Smino delivers a wild verse like usual, but the friendly competition has pushed this track to it’s highest potential.

“Late Night Run” is the most melodic effort as far as vocals go on this EP, but it turns into a heavy, jaw-clenching explosion to spaz to. The different sides of Femdot should appeal to nearly every rap fan. He can relate to the young souls who have a difficult time making sense of this world.

“Happy Break Up Song” makes you yearn for a do-over with an ex. Not to try the love again, but to bury the hatchet to free yourself from the grief. And then to round out the project “Snuck To Matty’s” tells of a complicated night of lies to his mother while trying to make it home before curfew.

What I love the most from this project is how many relatable elements there that translate through each social class. We’ve all had love fizzle out, we’ve all experienced death in our days and the beautiful golden days that fill in the blanks. Femdot is a budding superstar with a story that will intrigue the new fans and turn them into fans for life. Shout to Fem’s team and we know there’s a lot more gas in the future.


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