Five Texas Artists You Need To Know


While Texas has long been a hip-hop hub, the past few years have really been special for the state. As of recently, there have been all sorts of new talents and sounds continuing to keep the state at the forefront of the scene. With a wide array of various hip-hop talents, Texas is a state that needs to be on everyone’s radar. We made sure to keep y’all in the loop by selecting five of our current favorite artists out of the state. Tap in below.


Bigredshooter has been consistently dropping solid singles for about two years now. Originally from Louisiana, he grew up in Houston and has been making a name for himself around the state. As of more recently, he dropped an album titled DEMONS featuring 14 fire tracks with production from several talented Texas-based producers such as No Friends, Broadday, and Why Jaiden. He brings a very unique style through his low voice and careful production selection. He keeps the music real by bringing nothing but sincerity and by being genuine. His most recent video directed by Julian Wayne for “FUCK YA BABY DADDY” is super dope and linked below. Tap into the world of Bigredshooter below.


Reggie has been on our radar for a minute now. Although he is LA-based, his time spent growing up in Houston can really be heard through his work. His first song titled “Southside Fade” caught a lot of people off guard and showed them something special was about to take place. In his most recent drop which was covered in one of our previous Fresh Finds posts, he collabed with Monte Booker and Kenny Beats for their song called “AIN’T GON STOP ME.” His first two notable collabs really show that the industry is tapping in. Reggie has an extremely soothing voice, and his ability to sing so beautifully over the lofi beats makes listening to him addicting. We are extremely excited to watch what we has planned in the future. For now, tap in below to the video for his second single titled “I DON’T WANNA FEEL NO MORE.”


Hailing straight out of Houston, BBY KODIE has been making noise in the industry for a few years now due to his ability to keep returning with insanely intricate production and a multitude of rapping flows. As of more recently, his track titled “Milkshake” took off on TikTok, resulting in a nice growth in followers and monthly listeners for him. He has been going crazy this year, dropping a few singles as well as an album titled Witness Greatness featuring 43 songs, many of which being songs he has dropped in the past. It is no secret that he is insanely talented from his rapping skills to his production skills, and we can’t wait to watch what we has planned for the rest of 2021. For now, tap in below to one of his latest singles titled “GOD LEVEL FREESTYLE.”

KCG Josh

Having hopped into the rap game about a year ago and only having a few singles, the native Houstonian Josh Kream brings an undeniably intense energy to his music. In addition to dropping several of his own tracks, he has featured on the songs of fellow Texas artists Maxo Kream and Peso Peso. He returns with a banger featuring another talented Texas artist GGO Kurt in their single titled “Pocket Rocket.” The two also came together for a crazy video directed by Flawless Filmz. We are locked in to see what Josh has planned next and will keep y’all in the loop. For now, tap into the thrilling video below.


Reigning out of the DFW area, this dude has been dropping slap after slap for about two years now. With a high-pitched voice and capabilities of switching up flows and floating on any beat, Bash is without a doubt very talented. Proving this, one of his tracks titled “Darkest Before Dawn” was featured in a Stussy/Nike campaign not too long ago. He hasn’t really dropped much this year, so I’m assuming there will be more music coming soon. Like always, we’ll keep y’all tapped in to what’s hot. For the time being, tap into “Darkest Before Dawn” below.


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