Flatbush’s Fleego Takes Us On A Trip In His New Video For “Mhm Hmh”


Fleego submitted to our tweet looking for new music a few weeks ago and this man has some serious heat in his catalog. Today the subject is the aptly-titled “Mhm Hmh” and this one just feels like an infectious ball of energy.

In these frames directed by Halfpast, you see Fleego and his friends head to Aruba to enjoy the fruits of their labor. As the fun ensues, this airy production is floated on by Flee and his unorthodox style. We don’t care about how the music is made or where the influence really came from unless it’s that good. This is something you wouldn’t expect to hear from NYC but isn’t that the beauty of it. Do yourself a favor and get tapped in with this gas below.


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