The Za Files Vol 5. : You’re Not TwizzyRichEnt, You’re 30 And Unemployed


What a glorious life we live, but for real a lot of horrible shit has been going on. The duality of trying to find peace in such an arduous environment all while chasing the taste of success, makes the weeks become exhausting. And as each day passes, I inhabit this industry from an adjacent position, and I have grown to see how fake a good portion of everything is. From the numbers to the clothes, to the responsibilities of those employed, it seems like a real dumpster fire of an ecosystem. Maybe it’s a bit of naivety on my part, but in the good ol’ Midwest, we treat others like people, stay polite and get the job done.

Anyway, what draws me and the Chiefers family alike into this world is simply one thing, the music. We are so committed to staying up to date and ahead of the curve with new sounds, that our bodies grow ill if we can’t put you on. Those who still do this build a community that artists, producers, and creatives can feel comfortable in. It’s really about the music and always has been.

Below we have visuals from the formidable Groupthink, Donald Grunge, and Chris Patrick. Additional gas from 2oo7, Goonie, Blake Banks, Thankutrizzy, Jay Fizzle, SleazyWorld Go, and sswampbabyy. These are some of our favorite videos of the past few weeks and we share them like some figgy pudding on a Christmas morn. I digress, the wax is taking over, so peep the gas below and we’ll talk to you soon.

Groupthink – Guilty Pleasure

Donald Grunge – Vamp Night

Chris Patrick – Up

2oo7 – Baby

Goonie – So Messy

Blake Banks – Blood On The Snow


Jay Fizzle – Zaba Freestyle

SleazyWorld Go – Let Me Talk My Shit Pt. 3

Sswampbabyy – Trust Issues


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