Luh Jb Jumps From The Top Ropes On His Latest Release “WWE”


Luh Jb has a superstar quality to him, and on “WWE” it shines through. Jb gives us a song and music video combo where he’s rapping his ass off, and we get to see the environment his lyricism comes from. The cadences he can catch are impeccable, and his ear for pockets is magnificent. Jb also gives us Quotables through the record, the most prominent being “No, we do not condone the snitching”. This is a line I find myself repeating to myself constantly.

The visuals show Jb rolling deep, brandishing firearms, smoking Za, and enjoying the vibes. I love videos like this because it amplifies the songs and shows the viewer what time they are on. I think Jb will be a star, so catch the wave before it’s too late!


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