Fresco Trey Returns With “Fresh Off A Heartbreak”


Memphis artist Fresco Trey first bursted onto the Chiefers radar with his amazing record, “Feel Good,” and ever since then, we’ve been waiting patiently for new music, and here’s our chance. Coming off the visual release of “Feel Good,” Fresco Trey returns with another amazing single in “Fresh Off A Heartbreak,” a vulnerable record that will touch the hearts of many, including myself.

“I been drinking all night. She said you gon’ drink your life away, baby girl I might” is surely a lyric that I think most people can relate to. Working in his luscious melodies seems effortless on “Fresh Off A Heartbreak,” which seems to be the formula that makes Fresco such a highly sought after talent. No telling when Fresco plans on dropping an album but you know we’re going to be all over it. Check out “Fresh Off A Heartbreak” below.


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