Helluva Links With Michigan Newcomers, Veeze and GMO Stax For New Single, “No Membership”


Helluva made this beat baby! In case you aren’t familiar with the Southwest Detroit, Michigan super producer, Helluva, then this is your introduction. Helluva is a 20-year veteran producer who has helped shape the framework of Michigan’s music scene having worked with the likes of Tee Grizzley, 42 Dugg, Sada Baby and more. Outside of the region, Helluva has also worked with major acts such as Lil Yachty, Meg The Stallion, E-40, Kodak Black and more. Despite having acquired a lot of success outside of his city, Helluva continues to work with newcomers from Detroit, Michigan such as Veeze and GMO Stax. Veeze is most known for the track “Law N Order” which was a viral flip of the legendary “Law N Order” theme song which garnered 1M plays on Spotify and 4+ million views on YouTube. Stax’s biggest hit is titled, “Back From The Dead” which amassed 739k+ views on YouTube. 

This Helluva produced track entailed street hardships and the importance of being loyal to one’s social circle, family or clique. It gained over a 100k views in just a single day. The track immediately caught my attention as it begins with low vibrating synths that progress into higher frequencies, giving off a more flashy sound. This initial instrumentation is followed by high pitched piano keys, quick hi-hats and a steady 808’s pattern which are all signature sounds for this gritty Michigan wave. Veeze and Stax flowed effortlessly while the camera would zoom in and out, almost creating a fisheye lens effect throughout the video which I thought was pretty cool.

It is my hope that Veeze, GMO Stax and Helluva will continue putting on for Flint and Detroit as this may be one of the most sonically captivating regions other than Atlanta. Helluva’s signature beats certainly can rival New York’s drill beats and maybe even the newer Rage beats that have been sprouting lately. Nevertheless, check out the video to their new single, “No Membership” below.


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