Fresh Porter Pairs With Rioo And Young Crazy On The Visuals For “Trap A Lot”


Virginia has been a breeding ground for talent over the last 25 years, but for some reason, it still gets overlooked in the grand conversation of things. Though all of our collective faith should be reassured with this set of visuals right here. Fresh Porter, Rioo, and Young Crazy all deliver their gutter sermons, commanding the attention of anyone tuning in.

Rioo starts things off followed by Porter and Crazo rounds out the ride. This is what Chiefers loves to showcase, states that aren’t brought up enough when it comes to their talent. “Trap A Lot” was directed by Grindaholic Films, putting these gentlemen in the right light to talk their shit. A wondrous melding of Detroit-inspired instrumentation, that traveled down south a bit to find the right home. This one is heat, tap in below.



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