Polo Perks Returns With “Ha Ha Davis Pt2” Produced By EvilGiane And TripDixon


Perks and the whole Surf Gang is having such a wondrous come up to watch. Though Perks is very vocal about his feelings on his IG, the music warrants his passion to be completely understandable. This young man has put it all on the line and is finally getting some stellar recognition for the art. Back again with production from EvilGiane and TripDixon, “Ha Ha Davis Pt2” intoxicates the listener from start to finish.

You can hear the confidence behind Perk‘s bellowing baritone vocals that rumbles alongside the poignant percussive surroundings. There’s a video on the way as well, who knows if it’s for this or another cut, but we love to see how Polo approaches the visuals. Until the next unreal drop from this man, peep the gas below.


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