Freshie Continues His Reign And Gifts His New Visuals For The Smash “Stick With It”


Freshie is one of those few artists who has been consistently building throughout his career. His sound has developed, but he never really went through a period where the music dropped in quality. To see an artist and their team taking the time to curate a solid catalog then move correctly within the industry is quite admirable.

The direction of “Stick With It” was truly a team effort. Enlisting in Liam Walsh, Ivan Huang, Christian O’Donell and Teddy Cooper, this visionary fab four, paint Freshie in a modern, contemporary light. Vivid edits and frames add to the backdrop to keep our corneas glued to the screen. This guy is truly powerful representation of what hard work and tenacity can flourish into.

We’re always rooting for Freshie because of his authenticity. His punch-in flows are more precise than other up-and-comers, and the energy is always the highest in the room. Stay tuned for more from this guy, we’ll talk to you soon.


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