One Week Later: Devin Burgess Is Changing The Tempo With His New EP “Alone”


It’s a brisk evening in Cincinnati and while my metacarpals hit the keyboard, the readers of this illustrious website are blessed. Blessed with such competent writers that have ears of gold, but also blessed that we care about what you listen to. As we begin this fresh decade I believe it’s time to hold our tastes to a higher standard. Devin Burgess is setting that standard with not only his production, but his auditory attacks as well.

Burgess’ Alone EP is 14-tracks of sultry lofi mixed with classic golden era percussion. You can’t really put Devin in a box, he’s a character who strolls to his own beat in quite¬†the literal sense. “Wallet” caught my attention because of the off-kilter production. His flow doesn’t waiver and he speaks on his trials throughout his everyday. It’s quite a personal invitation into his psyche, but this is where artists make the strongest connection to their listeners.

Incredibly brief songs like “Anxious” and “Turtles” will have you fiendin for another verse or some more insane instrumentation. “Cassette” is like knxwledge found a studio in H-Town and cracked a seal. Devin’s influences can bleed through the speaker, but each opus shows another shade of this maestro.

“Queen” is a soulful ode to the Black women of Burgess‘ life, with precise chops that sound like they could be on a Griselda project. What I’m trying to get at is the simple fact that Devin Burgess makes music like he’s in the big leagues. His skill-set is almost flawless, it’s just a matter of putting his talent in front of the right eyes. That’s why we’re here, to shine a light on those who haven’t had their time yet. Well Devin, keep dropping that shit, because we’re here for the gas like usual. Tap in with the kid below and we’ll talk to you soon.


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