Friday Heat Check: AG Club, Hamond, See You Next Year, And More!


Kevin by AG Club 

“Kevin” is a banger we need as we get into these summer months. AG Club has been able to string along an incredible run of singles and projects over the past two years. I feel like each drop shows a new dynamic in the group, and “Kevin” is easily one of their most cohesive records to date. I love the aggressive production that is matched with the distorted vocals. This is a must-have on your summer playlists.

Left Feet by Hamond

Pirate Radio is a masterful project from Hamond. I find this artist to have such a defined sound and interesting songwriting. “Left Feet” is the perfect encapsulation of all of his abilities. From unique production to the smooth vocal takes, it’s a masterpiece. THE MUSIC VIDEO IS SUPERB! I love the college radio theme of the project and the visuals. The shots are detailed oriented and cinematic as fuck! This is my favorite project for 2022!

Maybe Not by Unusual Demont

If fun was personified, it would be Unusual Demont, especially in the new music video for “Maybe Not”. This is an upbeat video with friends, dancing, and some comedic elements. I love how he brings a very light-hearted demeanor to the video; it really amplifies how playful the song’s production can be. The color correction on the record is fantastic, making it feel like a hot summer’s day. Make sure you give this a spin!

Drive by See You Next Year & Fana Hues

Pigeons and Planes have been creating a collab project with a lot of great up-and-coming artists, and today we get the first single, “Drive”. On this record, we get some funky/R&B production with the elegant vocals from Fana Hues. She performs well on the record, and this is the perfect song to do a late-night L drive. I’m excited to hear the upcoming records from this project.

Sober by Superflirt

This is a record I had written about a month or so back, but the music video just dropped, and I wanted to highlight it once again. “Sober” by Superflirt is still a great song, and now it’s a great song with an incredible music video. In the visuals, we get to see Flirt’s personality. With the breathtaking film shots and just fun scenes of skating with friends. It’s just super enjoyable to watch.

Still Sinning by Rich Homie Quan

Since YSL has been incarcerated, there has been a giant opening in Atlanta Hip-Hop. It seems like Rich Homie Quan is trying to step back into that space with the exceptional “Still Sinning”. This is the best I’ve heard Quan in a while, with ear-grabbing smooth flows. This might be a hit in the making. I love seeing artists keep their heads down and work until they get that record. Rich Homie is back!

Cash In Cash Out by Pharrell (ft 21 Savage & Tyler The Creator)

Pharrell is one of my biggest idols, and I’m always too excited to see him drop. “Cash In Cash Out” is an excellent beat from the GOAT and some great verses from 21 Savage and Tyler The Creator. This combination is unusual but works in the best way possible. The hook on the record is infectious as well. All in all, this is a banger!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries by Shelley

If you. need some sweet soul music to send the mood this is the song for you! Shelley has released a record that will be played all the way until Valentine’s day. “Chocolate Covered Strawberries” is an elegant record that showcases his vocal range and his knack for songwriting. I love the runs he hits through the course of the song. It gives me serious baby-making vibes. Tap in!



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