Gas Is $5 In Ohio


What more can I say, gas is now five-plus dollars, and weeds still not legal in this God-forsaken state of ours. I hope we find some sort of resolution to what’s going on, but I truly doubt it. Because no one in power would rather create any sort of change. See now that would ruin the backdoor paycheck and I get it, get the bread, but people are going to be fucked up out here in a matter of months. And that’s if they’re already holding on for dear life. Yeah being a homeowner in these times eases a bit of stress, but my ceiling in the basement collapsed last week so we gotta patch that shit up now. I don’t know, I ramble on and on about this nonsense every chapter of this ongoing series, looking for a solution to all of our problems. Hang on tight, this shits a mess, but peep this abundance of fire below.

Retch – Administrative Segregation

Retch has been one of my favorite rappers since I first heard him on La Cienga. Of course, stylistically this man has gone through quite the transformation, but the evolution of Retch comes with legendary chapters for the fans to live with. Administrative Segregation is his first project since his release and it’s like he never missed a step at all. Favorites for me are “Keeping My Pace” and “Deep Inside”, but “Step Curry” provides that extra exertion of energy the world is fiending for. Don’t sleep on this one above.

Lily Rayne – Questions

Lily Rayne is a star, the world just doesn’t know it yet. This Rhode representative returns to our pages with her newest effort “Questions”. Lily‘s smokey tone hypnotizes her fans from start to finish, but it’s the melding of genres that intrigues the ear. She utilizes a slowed-down dance hall variation of percussion and gifts us all a treat with her vocal approach. This is a stellar release to calmly float with this Summer, so peep it all above.

Illusion Hills and aldrch – chasm

Illusion Hills is a new generational collective. They have talents that range from A to Z, but the electricity their music creates should give you faith in the youth. Linking with aldrch for this one we hear an acoustic beginning prior to the hyperpop and punk-inspired breakdown. Despite the glitches and glamour, this music is full of emotion and wondrous songwriting as well. They don’t sound like any up and comers, so tap into the Hills above.

Trottie Y Gizzle – Drill Mode

I love sample drill and its sheer ability to take up the mood in the room a notch. Trottie Y Gizzle gift the world their visuals for the aptly title “Drill Mode” and this one will terrify you with its brilliance. Both of these cats command our attention from start to finish, pushing a menacing agenda right before our eyes. This one is gas tap-in.

Yung Chelsea – goodheart (Produced by Pieper Beats)

Now I think this is quite unique and was sent to me by a good friend. The laid-back styling is almost too lazy, but the infectious melodic approach that Yung Chelsea brings to the table will win you back. The percussive efforts were provided by Pieper Beats and it’s perfect for a cool evening by a massive body of water. Chelsea floats keeping a steady tempo ready for the waves, however large they may be. Peep this and all of it’s wonderment above.

Peak – Slide

We go across the border to our neighbors from the North on this one. “Slide” by Peak is smooth to say the very least and he’s amassing some solid buzz around his way. With this gentle approach to R&B, you hear our protagonist link with Kultargotbounce for this clean-cut set of instrumentation. His upcoming debut album 99 Reasons is on the way soon, but this is a great introduction to start with. Peep it all above.


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