Friday Heat Check: Baby Keem, Elley Duhé, Still Woozy & More


Durag Activity by Baby Keem ft Travis Scott

Baby Keem is back with his most extensive collaboration to date! Keem Travis Scott come together for the wavy record “Durag Activity”. This is a lowkey vibe where Keem delivers an eccentric yet calm flow, giving a solid performance. However, Travis gives one his most inspired verses in a long time and elevating the energy on the track with these off-kilter flows. 

Kids Of The Night by Elley Duhé

“Kids Of The Night” is one of the catchiest records I’ve heard in a while. Elley Duhé gives us a trap-inspired pop smash and it’s addicting. The hook of the song is sticky and will have you humming the melody after the first listen. I recommend this track to anyone looking for the next summer anthem!

Kenny by Still Woozy

Still Woozy is one of my favorite musicians that are currently active. So when I’m aware that he will be releasing a new song, I’m more than ready. “Kenny” fits his latest string of releases with the lofi guitar and some dusty drums. While listening to the song, I was transported to a warm summer’s day looking over a scenic seaside cliff. I love this song!

222pm by Contradash

Listening to Contradash feels like listening to the future of popular music. “222pm” is a dancey hyper-pop record that will fuel any rager. His autotuned vocals give the songs a lot of character, which makes it an enjoyable record.  

MaddenMadMan (Freestyle) by Premo.Dee

This didn’t drop this week, but I did find this artist on Friday! “MaddenMadMan Freestyle” is an excellent introduction to Premo and his aggressive rapping style. You can see his knack for writing witty bars that come off so effortlessly. The visuals give it a great dimension, and I enjoy this record immensely.

Friday on a Tuesday by Gaff

TGIF, wait, it’s only Tuesday? The satisfying feel of ending your week is what you get while listening to this new Gaff record. “Friday on a Tuesday” is a masterclass on being unique in the best way possible. Gaff’s vocal tone is one of a kind, and with compelling songwriting, he’s a star in the making.

Yessir! By Xaiolan

After I asked what I should cover this week on Twitter (cough cough, follow me on Twitter), I was recommended this track. Xaiolan surprised me with her single “Yessir!”, with outrageous energy and some comical bars. I’ve become a big fan; Check it out below! 


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