Friday Heat Check: Brent Faiyaz, Madhouse, Gorillaz, and More!


Price of Fame by Brent Faiyaz

Brent Faiyaz is back with his long-awaited single “Price of Fame”. On this record, we get some classic Brent over nocturnal production. The record is smooth with clever lyricism about where his life has been. Enjoying the fruits of his labor but also noticed the pitfalls of fame and wealth. The music video is fast-paced and shows him traveling the world, Starting in London and going to Las Vegas. This is a solid start to the rollout of his upcoming project, Wasteland.

WTF by Madhouse

I’m a sucker for a good bassline, and “WTF” by Madhouse has one of the slickest I’ve heard in a while. This anti-pop banger will be explosive for the rest of the summer, and I can see this being played poolside. I love the engineering on his vocals; the slight distortion gives it a lot of character. This drop also came with a visualizer, showing how cool Madhouse looks! I recommend y’all give it a spin!

Cracker Island by Gorillaz (ft Thundercat)

The Gorillaz are back, and this new song is easily one of my favorite by them. “Cracker Island” has bubbly production with great bass additions by the one and only Thundercat. I love that this song is a take on stan culture, discussing how poisonous it can be. Liking Stans to a cult isn’t a unique idea, but the execution is top tier. This is an excellent record!

36 by Michael Christmas

Michael Christmas is back in rare form on “36”. This is the most hungry I’ve seen Christmas for some time now, and it’s refreshing. His pen is blazing on this record with obscure references and great bars; I’m delighted! The soul-laced production by Ricky Felix adds excellent texture to the song. This is one of my favorite releases to come out of Massachusetts in a minute!

Hopscotch by Paris Williams

“Hopscotch” is a bouncy record with some of Paris Williams’s best bars. I love the keys used to make the beat; they create a happy vibe for the record. The hook on the record is catchy as fuck! “Jumping in my bag like I’m playing Hopscotch” is filthy, and the cadence will be stuck in your head. I’m anticipating the follow-up already because I enjoy this record that much! I’m team Paris all the way!

No Fear by BoriRock (ft Jiles)

Well, I didn’t expect to be into this record as much as I am. This is honestly a classic record by BoriRock and Jiles. This will be. A record that goes down in their catalogs as a significant moment. The chemistry between these two artists is immaculate, and they each bring something to the song. BoriRcok comes with precise flows that carry us into the first hook, but Jiles has such a unique voice it re-interests the listener. I need everyone to check out this song immediately.

Nightmares in NYC by Shoffy

If you’re looking for some hip-hop-inspired pop music, “Nightmares In NYC” will scratch that itch. With sweet harmonies and great singing Shoffy is a talent that needs more recognition. He also gives us a few bars in the middle of the song showing his ability to catch meaningful flows. The production is sleek, but I love the background vocals; these a done masterfully, adding texture to the song!




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