Friday Heat Check: Daniel Price, A$AP Rocky, Kota The Friend, and More!


Chicken By Daniel Price

I would be lying saying that I haven’t been singing the hook to this record since it’s drop. Daniel Price has set the bar extremely high with “Chicken” it’s a bedroom R&B record with massive Pop appeal. The lyricism is outstanding as usual and the roll out was perfection. I’m excited to see what he has coming down the line, hopefully more visuals.

D.M.B by A$AP Rocky

How is one fly enough to get engaged to bad gyal Riri in a music video. A$AP Rocky is easily one of the flyest in the game, being able to use his creativity and charisma to make for masterful art. “D.M.B” has a real Memphis sound based on the production and we get a classic flow from Rocky. In the second verse we get this strange effect on his voice, which I find to be very unique; the music video is crazy as well. Congratulations to ASAP Rocky and Riri!

Ruby Sparks by Monet Ngo

WOW, that’s all I could say upon my first listen. Monet Ngo is a very special artist being able to execute an emotionally raw record in such a non-forced way. I love that he played with themes about his dream girl, comparing it to the movie Ruby Sparks. I find that extra level of lyricism always makes Monet stand out.

Carousel by Tearyeyed 

I’m a little late to this record but it deserves the recognition. “Carousel” by Tearyeyed is an Alt-Rnb experience. It’s very rare that you find someone with such a unique sound and writing style. So when I heard him for the first time I was mesmerized. His vocals are strong and present but have a kind warmth to them. I plead that everyone get hip to Tearyeyed!

Up by Kota the Friend 

I’ve been in the need of feel good music and Kota The Friend has been doing it better than everybody else. “Up” is a perfect combination of getting out of your personal plights but still talking your shit! I love when an artist can inspire through their music and Kota has been doing this for me. I’ve been feeling very inspired by his music and I can’t wait to hear the project now.

Wishful Thinking by Grentperez

“Wishful Thinking” is an indie pop banger. I feel like this song could have a Ryan Beatty feature or even Kevin Abstract. I love how calm the production is on the record. However, it’s very intricate with horns coming in out, along with beautiful vocal stacks. The hook is so sticky, that’s impossible not to get stuck in your head! I definitely love this one.


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