ssjishmael Is Back With Another Dangerous Cut Called “Filet Mignon”


This kid streams unreal and we root for anyone from Ohio. On “Filet Mignon” we hear unhinged energy and unrelenting confidence brimming from the seams. ssjishmael utilizes a more Southern-inspired type of cadence and percussion. Produced by Tokyo and Donnie Katana, the beat with inspire you to drop kick a pro-lifer. But regardless, it stands out amongst a world of wannabe Coles and Kendricks.

I want to feel something heavy when I listen to rap. I don’t like the introspective bars that riddle the new modernized boom bappers. This is the wave I fiend for the escape from the monotony of everyday life. Roll something, drink something, go fight someone in your backyard to this one because it’s truly chaotic bliss.


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