Rot Ken Proclaims “Free Me” With His New Project


Ken is one of the most exciting young artists in the game and he’s still building his name behind the wall. Hopefully, this young man gets out soon because his music is really that good, and the people need his energy at shows. A bold move for a rising artist to put out a 17-track project this early in his career, but the talent never wavers.

With features from Kalan.frfr, Lil Harold, Hunxho, SoFaygo, and production from Jetson, the formula is already there. But to add Ken atop all of what I previously stated is just not playing fair. His tone is so unique and the way he prances atop any instrumentation is always astounding.

“Fear Of God” with Kalan is a favorite, “Star” shines brilliantly, but truly none of these waves will disappoint. Of course “Baby Choppa” and “Never Bend” ring throughout our minds consistently, these new songs only add to the already stellar catalog. Do yourself a favor and peep this gas below. Free Rot Ken.


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