Friday Heat Check: Dijon, JPEGMAFIA, Yeek, and More!


Rodeo Clown by Dijon

For the past months, Dijon has been my favorite musician, and I’m super excited for his debut album. Today we got the new single “Rodeo Clown”, and it’s an experience. We get him singing over some plucky guitars, and we get one of his most passionate performances to date. Dijon is melancholy with a raspy delivery and wants to explain that his lover is missing out on intimate moments. I genuinely love the song, and I know the project is going to be insane. 

Feels like I’m flying by Yeek

“Feels like I’m flying” is an upbeat record that has a great breakbeat, and Yeek effortlessly floats on it. I love the direction he’s been going with his music, leaning in more of an R&B direction. The engineering on the record is superb as well; the effects used in the vocals are interesting and refreshing. Check this one out.


PEEEEEEGGGGGYYY is back and in rare form! “DIRTY!” is a multifaceted experience that, in some parts, is old school but, in others, is highly futuristic. I always find JPEGMAFIA occupying this space so well, and he executes it perfectly on this record! This is a hell of a song and a great addition to his catalog.

Easy on the turns by Baird 

Baird is a dynamic artist that blends genres like nobody else. I’m excited to see where he takes his music because “Easy on the turns” is ridiculous! This is a catchy record that has driving production that floats in hip hop and alternative space. Baird needs a spotlight shined on him, so tune in!

Headstart by Ritt Momney 

If you like soft music that has a hint of lofi, “Headstart” is for you. Ritt Momney puts fantastic arrangements together on this record. What gets me is the use of harmonies on the backend of the song. I find them to be extraordinarily lush and beautiful!


“GREATEST FAULTS” is a jam, and Hush Forte is going to be making massive waves in the near future. I’ve been tuned in to his music for a minute, and it only gets better with time. I feel that this record is his best to date, playing with some more sensual R&B; I’m digging it. Not to mention the production is immaculate; I’m very taken back by this song! 

Money Showers by NorthSideBenji 

Toronto’s coldest Northsidebenji has my ears in a chokehold with “Money Showers”. This is a banger of a song, and he gives us some total flows and melodies. The production is eerie, and paired with his slick demeanor, it comes off wavy as fuck! Northsidebenji will be one of the biggest things to come out of Toronto; I’m just saying. 


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