Why You Working So Hard? The World Is Ending


Why are you working so hard? The world is ending, but alas, we still have to pull it together because of tax purposes. It’d be super sick if the governing bodies of our country knew how to fix something, but that would be like asking an American president not to be a war criminal. I showed these editorials to a recruiter for a copywriting company and she never hit me back. What a shame, but guess what Kerri, didn’t want to work for your big stupid boring company anyway. Life is a joke, but at the same time, it isn’t. Some people are quite insufferable and on the other the side of the coin I am altruistic to those who suffer through their days. In these nearly 30 years on this earth, I have picked up on a few things. How to read, write, rhythmitic, and that relationships will take you to where you need to be. If you take care of those around you, those who you can truly trust, this circle of abundance will feed you until your dying day. Is this a rambling, unorganized mess? Perhaps. But the Za is never-ending in this world of mine, today will be fine and tomorrow will be better. I love you with all of my heart, be the best version of yourself you can be.

Jacob Sigman – The World Is Ending

Jacob is brilliant. His TikTok prowess is brewing into something incredible, but aside from that, he can write some great music. This is just the door he’s using to slide into the industry, but if you dive deeper, you can pick up on the formula. “The World Is Ending” speaks to the existential dread in all of us and he does with a little pizzaz. As the world burns through this on your speakers.

Kevin Kazi Featuring babydraco – Nun Of Dem!

Kazi and babydraco lose their shit on this one called “Nun Of Dem!” shot by the good bros at Soul Serum. It’s like a fever dream on the construction site, disorienting you until you are rendered useless. But sit back you dirty little wenches and enjoy the chaos that ensues from start to finish.

Walkdown Will and Goonew – Talk Of The Town

Walkdown Will and Goonew have something rugged and it’s called “Talk Of The Town”. Nothing overly complicated by any means, though it will stay running through your cortex with some help from the infectious piano keys. Will was just brought onto my radar but really holds his own with a decorated veteran like Goonew. The DMV will always prevail with stellar sounds to guide us through our days, so peep this shit above.

Phoenix James Featuring Ayleen Valentine, myKeL and Chaos Canine – Grow

Phoenix is one of the best new artists that is after her own sound. With some help from Ayleen Valentine, myKeL, and Chaos Canine, this folk-infused styling takes you away from your stressors for a bit. Each set of vocals layer in a unique manner and this cut is a showcase of real laborious work going into the art. Phoenix is going to be massive, so hop on this pristine wave now.

Yung Swerv – No Feelings

Yung Swerv is making serious noise out of Chicago right now and he’s one of the most notable unsigned acts. “No Feelings” is just that for the opposition. He’s not going to play into the weak shit, Swerv has an unrelenting sound made for the masses. With his bros at his back and some broads near the bread, these scenes are straight to the point. Won’t be surprised if you hear this later down the road, so get in tune right now.


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