Sorry We Slept: XO Cam Has Something Serious With His Cut “Nicotine”


Cam was sent to me by a trusted ear and friend, so let’s just say you won’t be disappointed in the slightest. He is a good old Tennesse boy, but his sound isn’t exactly what you’d think would come out of Nashville. Not only are the vocals in a pristine class, but his songwriting also entices our ears from start to finish.

You can hear an abundance of passion while he pours his heart onto this auditory page, which renders any doubt against his talents useless. The strums of the guitar alleviate the need for much else other than a few percussive elements and Cam‘s angelic voice. Truly a special cut and a great introduction to the world of XO Cam. Peep the gas below, we have a feeling this kid is onto something.


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