GMO Stax And Nardo Wick Drop Off Their Visual For “Da Drop”


GMO Stax just dropped the video for the song “Da Drop” which was released in May of 2021. The visual was shot in classic DrewFilmedIt fashion, as the scenes go back and forth from Stax and Wick doing the dash. This continues while we hear the lyrics of what may be one of the hardest-hitting tracks of 2021.

Wick may be the recipe for these knocking songs. He’s been on quite the run lately, “Who Want Smoke?”, “Shhh”, and “Knock Knock” have all served as anthems for many of my close calls at getting speeding tickets this summer. Stax is more so a newcomer onto the scene, but he’s no slouch. Already inking songs with Pooh Shiesty, BIG 30, Babyface Ray, and Peezy, he’s set to become the next hot thing out of the buzzing rap community that Michigan has been home to the last few years.

Just released a little over a week ago, the video has already garnered over 138k views, be on the lookout for more heat from Stax, and we can only hope that he’ll link up with Nardo again.


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