Friday Heat Check: Faye Webster, Toro y Moi, Ama Lou, And More!


Car Therapy by Faye Webster

Faye Webster is a bonified star, and with the release of her Car Therapy Sessions EP, she’s showing massive growth. “Car Therapy,” the namesake of the EP, is easily one of Faye’s most advanced songs to date. The production jumps from an average indie song to sound like a movie soundtrack. The instrumentation is exquisite in the best way possible; the strings compliment the timidness of her vocals. This is an evolution in her artistry and is impressive to see!

Last Year by Toro Y Moi

Toro Y Moi just dropped his highly anticipated album “MAHAL,” and I can tell you this is an album with depth and character. Jumping styles of funk, indie, electronic, and many more, there is a flavor for everyone on the album. Also, the features on the album are out of this world, ranging from Unkown Mortal Orchestra to The Mattson 2My favorite song on the record is “Last Year” this has some jazzy production and lyrics about growing from Last Year. I love the beautiful harmonies that are laced through the production.

Same Old Ways by Ama Lou 

Ama Lou embraces the cultural melting of the UK in her latest single, “Same Old Ways.” This song feels like being in London (I’ve never been, but the music makes me feel like having, haha). As Ama begins on the record, we can see some strong Dance Hall/Afrobeat influence in her vocal delivery, and it slowly switches to some Uk Grime. I’ve never heard her rap before, but her vocal tone suits it so well. I will need Ama to give us more of this on more songs. The preppy music video perfectly juxtaposes the song, perfectly executed.

Shopping Spree by Vintage Lee

Boston’s own Vintage Lee gives us another banger on “Shopping Spree.” This song is bouncy, and Lee’s pockets fit the beat so well. What catches me about the music is how catchy the chorus is; it’s making me want to ball out with my bank account on 0. It’s complemented by a smooth video of some baddies balling out at the Prudential Center. This record is a ten out of 10!

Rocket Bunny by Mitch$$$ (Ft PitchBLK)

Industrial, gritty, and sharp are all things that describe Mitch$$$’s “Rocket Bunny.” Mitch$$$ manages to find these ridiculous pockets over this stark bassy production. Weaving in and out of the bass feels like a game of tag. I love the posse cut-styled hook; it brings a lovely dynamic change to the record. This is an excellent release for Mitch, and I’m excited to see what more is in store for 2022!

In The Club by Mahalia

I’m a Mahalia superfan! I find her songwriting always is on point with unique concepts and great melodies. “In The Club” is no different; this record discusses leaving a party of people you don’t like to hit the club. I love how it’s written to feel like you are leaving the comfort zone and moving on to the new unknown. The music video takes place in an uber leaving the club, which I think was a clever idea for the visuals. I’m hoping that this leads to a body of work because I’m dying for a new one. However, this is an excellent record, and Mahalia is an exceptional talent.


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