Szaba And Pangeaux Link Up For Their Cut “Louisville Slugger”


Szaba and Pangeaux offer a more diverse take on what the NKY/Cincinnati area has to offer sonically. A blending of genres, inspirations, and cultures, all coming together to fuse a wondrous set of sounds. This cut I’m speaking on is called “Louisville Slugger” and to say it’s just smooth is saying quite literally the very least.

With production from Forest Hill, we hear this powerful rising duo trade auditory jabs but cohesively blend together. Szaba‘s tone is rich in baritone prowess, then Pang comes in with his gentle and precise vocal skill set that will blow you away. With poignant strums of the guitar, this has to be some of my favorite production that either one of these gentlemen has floated on thus far. Mixed by Azak, the finished product turned out stellar.

I’m thinking this will build some solid momentum for the duo and their solo careers alike because it stays running through your head after the first listen. This collaboration possesses more flavor than the usual drops from the Tri-state so get well-acquainted with the gas below.


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