Exclusive Interview: How SleazyWorld Go Cemented Himself as the Face of Kansas City Rap


Within the span of six months, SleazyWorld Go has gone from obscurity to one of the most hyped rappers in the game. What catches the eye about the Kansas City (via Grand Rapids, MI) rapper is that despite shutting down the discussion of who has the most guns in their videos, Sleazy‘s flow is a lot more mischievous than brash.

The “Sleazy Flow” itself weaves in and out of being in your face and sitting as a backdrop for a hard beat, but the lyrics tend to consistently catch people’s eye. However, for Sleazy, the virality of the song wasn’t unexpected.

“I thought the song was gonna go crazy but it just felt good because it confirmed what I thought was right,” SleazyWorld Go explained during our interview.

The lyrics “how you mad she choosing me, I like what she do to me, she said she feel safer over there that’s where the shooters be” have since snuck into the mainstream culture with rappers like Lil Baby, 42 Dugg and Jack Harlow using the line in Instagram captions and videos.

The key to Sleazy‘s sudden rise to fame has been consistency and a constant belief that he’d get to this point and beyond. Despite only making music since 2020, he’s dropped three full-length projects and continued dropping big songs like “Sleaz Walking/Being Honest”, “Bagdhad Flow”, and “What They Gone Do To Me?”.

With as much success as he’s already had, Sleazy is fueled with the confidence to influence even the biggest of artists to take the plunge into his world.

“I wanna bring him into my world, I wanna bring him into my flow,” Sleazy stated when explaining what a song with him and Drake would look like. 

Check out his new track “Let Me Talk My Shit Pt. 3” below.


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