Virginia’s Khi Infinite Finally Gifts The World His Cut “Keep Your Head Up”


Khi and his team have been on a steady ascent to the top over the past few months. The road is still a long one, but good music will always prevail over the ill intentions of the industry. Infinite is just that, never running out of talent and vocal prowess to showcase.

His gentle and smokey tone rings throughout the crisp morning, dancing atop the dew. Simplicity reigns supreme on this one, only accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a bit of reverb. Khi really has the world on a string and his soothing croons prove to any doubters this young man is prepped to go the distance. “Keep Your Head Up” speaks to the child in all of us who is having a difficult time dealing with trials of the human experience. Music like this communicates directly to our souls, just like it was always meant to be. Do yourself a favor and peep this gas below.


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