Friday Heat Check: Jean Dawson, Lucky Daye, Isaia Huron, and More!


Menthol by Jean Dawson ft Mac Demarco

Jean Dawson has made his return following the innovative Pixel Bath. “Menthol” is an experimental rock, hip hop, and indie record that seems 15 years ahead of modern music. It’s loud and abrasive in the best ways possible. Also, you will hear Mac Demarco in a way you’ve never heard him before. This single is a one-of-a-kind listen.

Candy Drip by Lucky Daye

“Candy Drip” is a soulful delight with ringing production and stylish vocals. Lucky Daye has come into his own with this release, and I find it to be one of my favorite records by him. The engineering on the second half of the record is refreshing and oddly compliments the vocals to an extreme level. Check this song out!

Dandelion by Ill Peach

If you’re into new wave indie, look no further because “Dandelion” is what you are in search of. The exquisite production reminds me of an 80s blaxploitation movie. However, her sweet vocals bring it to this poppy place that I love. This is my first listen to this duo, and I’m going to check out their catalog.

Bluffing by Midwxst

Hyper-pop superstar Midwxst gives us another classy track with “Bluffing”. On the record, he gives us smooth vocal runs that are earworms. His knack for catching Melodies is uncanny. As usual, I’m obsessed with this release.

One in a million by Isaia Huron

R&B is coming back significantly, and Isaia seems to be at the forefront of this generation. We all wish we had a great vocal tone and range. “One in a million” is a good song for the artists, and I expect much more all 2022. I highly recommend this one.

Darkness of the night by Baird

Baird has been my favorite up-and-coming artist since his feature on the most recent Brockhampton album. So I’ve been on the lookout for his new release, and I’m happy that we get new music today. “Darkness of the night” feels like an ode to Jazz influenced pop of the not-to-distant past. The production is phenomenal and highly unique. He also delivers o the vocal performance, making this an enjoyable listen. Great tune!


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