Isaia Huron Is The Songbird Of The New Generation


Huron‘s latest EP Ceruleantapes is sultry, soothing and passionate. In just four brief cuts, the ear can’t help but be moved by the brilliance.

“Say Yes” starts things off in a gentle mood, but proceeds to blow us away acoustically. “Adorn (Version 4)” plays off interpolation of a familiar smash, but enhances the psychedelic feel. The pulsating percussion adds vivacious layering and attracts any R&B lover. “One In A Million” is a modernized cover of this groundbreaking cut. And finishing things out with “Teenage Fever” a folk-inspired guitar-laden approach which would make Aubrey re-think a thing or two.

Isaia makes these songs his own regardless of who wrote them. His play with these melodies has won me over from a fan perspective, but also showcases how massive this kid is going to turn out. Shout to Shrek and stay tuned for more.


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