Friday Heat Check: Jean Dawson, Mavi, AG Club, Heath240 & More!


Pirate Radio by Jean Dawson

Jean Dawson has tapped into the indie-folk bag with “Pirate Radio”. This is a remarkable record in his catalog; I have yet to see him enter this space and its beauty in all aspects. The soft vocal delivery and shimmering production make it a larger-than-life listen. It reminds me of Phoebe Bridgers at some points, but that is no knock-on on how well-crafted the record is. The visuals are creative and masterful, much like his music videos. I’m coming back to this record.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell by AG Club (ft Redveil, Sam Truth, Glen The Sayian) 

AG Club is back, and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is one of the best records. The production is ridiculous, with some jazzy samples and a great vocal chop. It’ll have your head bobbing in no time. We get great verses from the group and great complementary performances from Sam Truth, Redveil, and Glen The Sayian. This is an impeccable record, and I’m so excited to listen to the rest of the project!

OLD NEWS by Heath240

“OLD NEWS” is out now! I’m not going to lie; this is one of my favorite singles from my upcoming EP, I Love Watering Dead FlowersThis single describes the process of me being stuck in the friend zone with my current girlfriend. I’m not going to do too much talking about it, but give the record a spin!

Adios by JAWNY

JAWNY has been on a creative stroke of genius with his latest singles and videos. “Adios” is his most recent drop, and it keeps the trend of great art going. This is a smooth indie-rock jam that has irresistible production. The hook is also an earworm, and his vocal tone is unmatched! The video is dope, too, because the stunt driving is insane. Check out “Adios” below!

Baking Soda by Mavi

Mavi is back with his latest single, “Baking Soda”. Finally, we get a new release from the wordsmith himself, Mavi. This record is the first single from an upcoming project, and from the likes of the flows he’s using, this will be a classic. The production is crunchy and soulful; Monte Booker went crazy. This is a record you need to check out.

Fade by Shoffy 

“Fade” by Shoffy is a highly underrated record! With irresistible harmonies and great vocalizations, he’s coming into his own on this project. If you want some new pop …Onward should be on your radar. I enjoyed the whole listen!

Posion by Justend & Joe Aste

“Poison” is an unforgettable record; Justend and Joe Aste came together for a true experience. The record has a classic sound with some revisioned elements. The visuals are tight and polished; It needs more palsy than it has. Check out “Poison” now!


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