Van Buren Records Strikes Gold With Album “DSM”


Van Buren Records strikes gold with album “DSM”. Hailing from Brockton the powerhouse rap group just continues to get better. Built together by a bunch of creative minds, they all bring something different to the table and that can be heard in their music. Not one artist sounds like another. Giving me big Odd Future vibes they’re all just friends that ultimately make brilliant art.

For this album itself we are gifted with sixteen tracks and one very fitting feature from Conway the Machine. Starting off with this skit of them just talking about their plans for the day you can hear them just shooting the shit with each other. Creating a very comforting skit you think you know where it’s going but “How To Kill A Narcissist” takes you for a ride. With hard hitting lyrics and a hook that stays with you throughout, this is what VB is all about. From there on, this whole album from start to finish offers amazing story telling, lyrical brilliance, melodic masterpieces and everything in between. With that being said everyone shined and was able to show their talents. There was truly not one bad verse and that needs to be acknowledged. VB is here to stay and they will be a powerhouse soon.


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